Media from ZIP

Extract from ZIP archive to Media Library.

How to register

  • Register by upload.
  • Register on server.

Register to media library

  • Maintain folder structure.
  • This create a thumbnail of the image file.
  • This create a metadata(Images, Videos, Audios).
  • Change the date/time.
  • Perform background processing and notify by e-mail.
  • Sibling plugin -> Media from FTP.


  • On servers where PHP max_execution_time is fixed to a short time (30 seconds), you may time out if you want to generate a large number of images.
  • File names using multi-byte characters are not supported.

How it works

Last Updated: 1 day ago
Requires: 3.6.0
Compatible up to: 5.4
Release: 2020-03-06
Download: Version1.10